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Russia - September 13, 2004

Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaja arrived in Volgograd, Russia on the evening of September 12th, after a day's stay in Moscow. Last year, Srila Maharaja was planning to come to Russia, but was unable to get a visa. Most of the devotees have therefore not seen him in two years, and scores had never met him at all. About 600 relieved devotees eagerly received him.
The festival site is at a beautiful campsite, abundent with a variety of richly-colored flowers, located on the Ahtuba River. The many trees and flowers makes the environment feel like a forest. Srila Maharaja walks along the beach of the river every morning, chanting japa.
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Offering arati with ghee lamp, to welcome Srila Maharaja when he first arrived.

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Walking to his car after class.