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Noida Pandal Program -- India -- October 1 thru 5, 2004

Srila Narayana Maharaja held a five-day festival in Noida, just across the Yamuna River from Delhi. It started with a lively Ratha-yatra, which went late into the evening. Srila Maharaja sat on a horse-drawn float for most of the procession. The streets were packed with thousands of devotees and appreciative onlookers, and Krsna dasa and other kirtaneers had everyone dancing joyfully for hours. Over the 4-night program Srila Maharaja discussed Druva Maharaja and then explained about the five kinds of pure devotees, beginning with Prahlada Maharaja, Ambarish Maharaja, Hanuman, the Pandavas and Uddhavaji. He cultiminated the program with the glories of the gopis' love for Krsna as the greatest love. Over 3,000 people, and sometimes 5,000, were in the audience each night.
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Srila Narayana Maharaja resided in Noida, and gave many morning and evening darsanas.

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Srila Maharaja was seated on a stage before a huge backdrop of Sri Sri Radha and Krsna with the sakhis, and on the left was a beautiful decorated altar. The program was like a "multimedia presentation", with two large screens and live projections from an onsite camera, so that those in the back could see clearly what was happening on stage. Srila Maharaja intermixed his own katha with kirtans and other speakers.

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Giving class.

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At the end of each class Srila Maharaja lead the thousands assembled in chanting and dancing.

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Approximately 5,000 people from around Delhi and the world danced and tossed flowers after hearing Srila Maharaja's class.