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2005 Australia Festival

2005 Australia Festival

During the five nights [27 April thru 1 May] of Srila Narayana Maharaja's hari-katha festival in Murwillumbuh, Australia, he spoke on Raya Ramananda Samvad. For the past weeks in Malaysia he and his assistant Sripad Madhava Maharaja had been editing and proofreading the manuscript of the lectures that he had previously given in India in Hindi, which were later compiled by his disciples Savita dasi and Madhu dasi. Now, during the Murwillumbah classes, he was speaking from his own manuscript and still further expanding upon it.

He had previously spoken on practically the same fascinating points of this important subject matter in Jagannath Puri last summer, from August 6-17, and two of these classes have been published on purebhakti.com and bvml.org (August 6, 2004 and August 8, 2004). He also spoke on these topics in Holland on June 28, 2002, and in Maui, Hawaii, May 23 and May 24, 2000.

Over 400 devotees attended the festival. Srila Maharaja initiated over 40 new devotees from Australia and New Zealand. During the evening festival, three childrens' dramas were performed (the Dana-ghati tax pastime, Jagai and Madhai, and Subal and Radharani Exchange Clothes), a Krsna conscious magic show by Dr. Tamal Krsna prabhu and a traditional Indian dance.

One of the children in the play

Srila Maharaja called on Damodara-priya dasi to speak about why Lord Caitanya descended to this world. After she spoke, he said that he wants all his daughters to be strong and to preach his mission.

Watching the magic show

Afternoon darsan