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ITALY - June 18 thru June 26, 2004

Before the week-long hari-katha festival in Verbania, Italy, Srila Narayana Maharaja spent three days by the Mediteranean Sea in Italy, resting and writing. He had his own quiet apartment, so that he would not be interrupted while writing.
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Srila Maharaja on the balcony of his apartment by the sea.

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Translating and editing the final chapters of his translations and commentaries on Srila Sanatana Gosvami's Sri Brhad-Bhagavatamrta.

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Led by kirtan and carried on his "live pallaquin" up the hill, Srila Maharaja goes to the temple room for class.

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Krsna dasa brahmacari leading Gaura-aratik after Srila Maharaja's class.

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On the final night of the festival, Srila Maharaja the devotees went out on harinama sankirtana in the village of Verbania. Over 600 devotees flooded the village with loud and estatic kirtan led by Krsna dasa and the sannyasis. The villagers were enthused by the kirtan and numerous families came out onto their balconies to watch the party go by. Many waved, took pictures and began to dance. When the devotees returned to the festival site, Srila Maharaja came out onto his balcony to welcome them all.
First two photos - courtesy Balarama dasa and Govinda dasa
Second two photos - courtesy Visnupriya dasi