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2004 European Festival -- Verbania, Italy -- June 21, 2004

After a weekend of rest along the Italian coast, Srila Narayana Maharaja arrived on June 21st in Verbania, Italy, which is set below the Alps along a beautiful lake named Lago di Garda. The organizers of the festival had rented the entire Hotel Castagnola for the occasion. There, Srila Maharaja began the week-long 2004 European Summer Festival. Below, six hundred devotees from Europe and the rest of the world gather in kirtana to welcome him on his arrival.
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The devotees gather around as Srila Maharaja walks from his car to the hall.

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Devotees offer flowers, hugs, obesiences and greetings.

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Accompanied by a kirtan party, Srila Maharaja enters the hall which was converted into a temple for the festival.

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Greeting the Deities.