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Noida Pandal Program

India - September 23 - 26, 2005

Last year's program in Noida (just across the Yamuna River from Delhi) was very successful, with 3,000 people attending daily, and Srila Narayana Maharaja returned there this year for another four-day festival. On the first night there was a lively parade, with various kirtana parties accompanying different carts, carrying Lord Shiva and Sri Sri Radha and Krsna. Srila Maharaja sat on a horse-drawn float for most of the procession. The streets were packed with devotees and appreciative onlookers. Krsna dasa brahmacari and other chanters had everyone dancing joyfully for hours.

On the second day, huge rain clouds appeared in the Noida sky. The continuous rain caused the festival ground to flood, and on that night the festival relocated to a nearby community center. There, Srila Maharaja spoke on the true meaning of Sanatana-dharma and the importance of sadhu-sanga. He also discussed the life histories of Ekalabhya and Druva Maharaja, as an introduction to the main topic of the festival: the five kinds of pure devotees.

The last two evenings of Harikatha took place in the pandal as planned. Srila Maharaja spoke on Prahlada Maharaja, Ambarish Maharaja, Hanuman, the Pandavas and Uddhavaji. He culminated the program with the glories of the gopis' love for Krsna as the greatest love.

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A local newspaper reported on the parade in their next day's edition.

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Arriving at the community center for the first night of Harikatha.

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Giving class in the pandal.

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Watching the drama after class.